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Golden Wren with Agapanthus


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  • Original¬†watercolour and Ink painting with 22ct Gold Leaf.
  • Wrens can be found across the UK in various habitats. You can see wrens all year round. The name Jenny Wren probably derives from their powerful song which becomes an angry chatter when an intruder threatens her fledglings. The surname Wren is derived from the bird. - the Irish equivalent is Rinn, the Welsh is Uren and it derives from an Anglo Saxon word meaning lascivious, but was applied to people who were small, busy quick and energetic just like the bird. ¬†It is said that harming a Wren will bring bad luck.
Image size: 37 X 25 cm Frame size: 61 X 51 cm Framed in a antiqued wooden effect frame.   Shipping will be invoiced after purchase. Please contact me for more information.    

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